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How to reduce my air-conditioning and heating bills

Air-conditioning and heating is a great expense due to the constant use of air conditioning and heating equipment. To understand how to lower your air-conditioning and heating bill first you must understand what an air-conditioning and heating system does. Air-conditioning and heating equipment system components comprise of a condenser, evaporator coil, and furnace for most residential air-conditioning and heating applications. The furnace is the part of the heating system and either uses gas or electric heating elements to heat the air.

So now that you know the components of the heating and air-conditioning system how does it operate. In the summer air conditioning system will be operated by your thermostat set point. This set point is what will determine when your air conditioning system will cycle on and off during operation. For example, when the homeowner says the thermostat at 78° the air conditioning system which includes the condenser, evaporator coal, and blower motor will begin to condition and circulate the air throughout the home. Once the thermostat set point has been reached the air-conditioning system and all components will shut off completely. During the heating season or winter months the furnace and blower motor will heat the home's air in a similar fashion but will use different sequences and steps in doing so.

Now to save energy and homeowner has a few options when choosing an air-conditioning and heating system. Nowadays, a basic system cannot be less than 13 seer and anything above 13 seer just adds to the efficiency of that particular air conditioning and heating system. Increasing the system's seer or efficiency may include the addition of a variable speed blower motor or even a two-stage compressor. Variable speed blower motors and two-stage compressors save energy and are more efficient because these components will decrease their energy consumption when a home's load capacity is below a certain level.

 In addition, a homeowner can have a energy audit done on their home. An energy audit will tell a homeowner where they are losing heat through areas of their home. For example, a homeowner may have window that may lead sheet and escape and an attic space that has too little insulation resulting in loss of heating and cooling during the summer and winter months. This lack of heating cooling sustainability results in the air conditioning and heating system cycling on and using more energy reconditioning the space. so to improve this situation the homeowner may want to spray in insulation foam in the attic and also change their windows to double pane windows to increase the R-value of the home. By re-insulating and adding double pane windows to the home the homeowner has increased the home's value and reduced their energy consumption by 20% or more.


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